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Do we need a theater in the age of rapid technological take-off? Yes, it is needed and required for everyone. There is no time and no place for a person to talk to their inner self, to look into the depths of the "self" and to see how gentle, impulsive, romantic, and small in the volume of the universe one is. It is very important in everyday life not to forget about the loved ones and say nice things to them; get out of the “self” who is businesslike and always working to those who are near. Theater can and should be able to create performances, after which we will call our families, talk with people in the theater lobby or in the restaurant—not about the everyday things like weather, news, home—but about how great and wonderful it is to be with each other, give away your warmth and receive it in return. After, return to the technological progress and experience, live, feel the breath of the sky, the earth, and the people who surround you and become a part of the whole universe. We need to remember that each of us is an artist of their own life. Isn’t it interesting to create and enjoy your life? We often forget about it in the vanity and the busyness of everyday but theater can and should bring us back to it. 

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